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1.I do not see much evidence that radical “managerless” models such as “Holacracy” will catch on. But more companies will realise that if they constantly test innovative ways forward — as start-ups do — they will be more flexible and decisive than old-style bureaucracies and meritocracies.
4.  "Mr. Sidney Johnson, the senior clerk."


1.D. John of Austria received the message from the Marqués de Santa Cruz at a deserted place called Diana, two miles from Tunis, where he had camped. He ordered a crier to announce at once that the town of Tunis was given over to be sacked, on the understanding that no one was to be either wounded, killed, or taken as a slave. Then he continued the march, and arrived at Tunis at two oclock. He left the army drawn up in front of the walls, and entered the town accompanied only by his captains, to reconnoitre it for himself, arrange barracks and billets to avoid misbehaviour on the part of the soldiery and give courage to the Moors who showed themselves, which were all those left in Tunis. The Alcaide of the Alcazaba came with the other principal Moors, and delivered up the keys of the fortress, with a humble but dignified address. D. John listened courteously, without alighting from his horse, and did not take the keys which the Alcaide offered on his knees. He made a sign to the Marqués de Santa Cruz that he should take them, as he was the first to enter the place.[16] Then he wrote at once from the Alcazaba to his brother Philip II, announcing that His Majesty was Lord of Tunis without a shot having been fired. At last he gave the signal to sack the town. The loot was plentiful, and as far as it was possible the sack was orderly, without other outrage than the death of an old man who had taken refuge in a Mosque, and several fires, due to the Italians, whom D. John punished without loss of time, causing four of them to be hanged. "They found in the town," says the journal of Fr. Miguel Servia, "much wheat, barley, wool, butter, oil, and many garments; pimento, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, beautiful porcelain and veils. From the wells, cisterns and caverns they drew rich garments, gold, silver and other things; and these first days they all ate nothing but fowls, because there were countless numbers of them. The soldiers divided the spoil among themselves in their barracks afterwards, and nothing else was heard but digging in various parts of the town, and then selling what was found, clothing being sold for a low and wretched price. Some parts of the town the Italians set on fire, which much annoyed His Highness, but many people came up, and it was remedied."
6.The Peoria, Ill.-based maker of heavy equipment authorized $10 billion in stock repurchases in January and expected to buy back $1.7 billion of its shares in the first quarter this year to complete its previous $7.5 billion repurchase initiative. The ongoing buybacks are "a result of our record cash flow," said CEO Doug Oberhelman.




1、  Carrie, now that she had yielded sufficiently to Hurstwood toconfess her affection, no longer troubled about her attitudetowards him. Temporarily she gave little thought to Drouet,thinking only of the dignity and grace of her lover and of hisconsuming affection for her. On the first evening, she didlittle but go over the details of the afternoon. It was thefirst time her sympathies had ever been thoroughly aroused, andthey threw a new light on her character. She had some power ofinitiative, latent before, which now began to exert itself. Shelooked more practically upon her state and began to seeglimmerings of a way out. Hurstwood seemed a drag in thedirection of honour. Her feelings were exceedingly creditable,in that they constructed out of these recent developmentssomething which conquered freedom from dishonour. She had noidea what Hurstwoods next word would be. She only took hisaffection to be a fine thing, and appended better, more generousresults accordingly.
3、"Allow me to ask--in a case of this sort, would it not have been your uncles place to deal with Mr. Scott, rather than Sir Adam Andinnians?"






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