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3.  When the hounds saw Ulysses they set up a furious barking and flewat him, but Ulysses was cunning enough to sit down and loose hishold of the stick that he had in his hand: still, he would have beentorn by them in his own homestead had not the swineherd dropped his oxhide, rushed full speed through the gate of the yard and driven thedogs off by shouting and throwing stones at them. Then he said toUlysses, "Old man, the dogs were likely to have made short work ofyou, and then you would have got me into trouble. The gods havegiven me quite enough worries without that, for I have lost the bestof masters, and am in continual grief on his account. I have to attendswine for other people to eat, while he, if he yet lives to see thelight of day, is starving in some distant land. But come inside, andwhen you have had your fill of bread and wine, tell me where youcome from, and all about your misfortunes."
5.  "I grant it you," said she; and right anon This formel eagle spake in this degree:* *manner "Almighty queen, until this year be done I aske respite to advise me; And after that to have my choice all free; This is all and some that I would speak and say; Ye get no more, although ye *do me dey.* *slay me*


1.  He dived his arm down to the bottom of the chest and brought up asmall wooden box with a sliding lid such as childrens toys are keptin. From within he produced a crumpled piece of paper, anold-fashioned brass key, a peg of wood with a ball of stringattached to it, and three rusty old discs of metal.
2.  "And what do you think of it all, Watson?" asked Sherlock Holmes,leaning back in his chair.




2、It was the evening of the next day before Laurie carried out his resolution. With a little impatience he waited till it was dark, or nearly so, and then, with his sketch under his arm, went round the corner to the Square. To carry a portfolio or a picture under your arm is nothing wonderful in these regions; and I think it was something of a foppery on Laurie’s part to wait till the twilight; but, on the whole, it was rather Mr. Welby and old Forrester he was afraid of than the general public. The padrona was,—as he knew she would be,—in her dining room, sitting in the fire-light, with a heap of little scorched, shining faces about her, when he went in. One good thing of these short winter days was, that the woman-painter had a special hour in which it was impossible to do anything, and a perfectly legitimate indulgence to play with the little ones to her heart’s content. They were all upon her,—little Edie seated upon her mother’s lap, with her arms closely clasped round her neck, and the boys on either side embracing her shoulders. ‘She is my mamma,’ said little Edie; ‘go away, you boys.’ ‘She is my mamma as well,{328}’ said Frank and Harry, with one voice. They could not see Laurie as he came in softly into the ruddy, warm, homelike darkness, nor hear the voice of the maid who opened the door for him; and Laurie, soft-hearted as he was, lingered over this little glimpse of those most intimate delights with which neither he nor any other stranger could intermeddle. When he saw the mother with her children,—who were all hers, and in whom no one else had any share,—the helpless, hopeful, joyous creatures, encircled by the woman’s soft, strong arms, which were all the protection, all the shelter they had in this world,—his heart melted within him, the foolish fellow! Alice sat at her piano in the drawing-room, playing the soft dream-music which was natural to the hour; and to her, had he been like other young men, Laurie’s thoughts and steps would naturally have turned; instead of which he stood gazing at her mother, who at that moment no more remembered him than if there had been no such being in existence. Laurie’s heart melted so that he could have gone and sat down on the hearth-rug at her feet, as one of the boys did, had he dared, and asked her to let him help her and stand by her. Help her in what? Laurie gave no answer to his own question; and, to be sure, he could not stand in the dark for more than a minute spying upon the fireside hour. He put down his sketch on a side-table with a little noise, which made the padrona start.{329}






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      With patience Madam I endured all before, but now (me thinkes) heproceedeth too farre, which is not any way to be suffered; andtherefore I intended to let you know it, that you may perceive, howwel you are rewarded for the faithfull and loyall love you bearehim, and for which, I was even at deaths dore. Now, because you may bethe surer of my speeches, not to be any lyes or fables, and that youmay (if you please) approve the truth by your owne experience, Icaused my wife to send him word, that she would meet him to morrowat the Bathing-house appointed, about the houre of noone-day, whenpeople repose themselves in regard of the heates violence; withwhich answer the woman returned very jocondly. Let me now tell youLady, I hope you have better opinion of my wit, then any meaning inme, to send my wife thither; I rather did it to this end, thathaving acquainted you with his treacherous intent, you should supplymy wives place, by saving both his reputation and your owne, andfrustrating his unkind purpose to me. Moreover, upon the view of hisowne delusion, wrought by my wife in meere love to you, he shall seehis foule shame, and your most noble care, to keepe the rites ofmarriage betweene you still unstained.

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